Kathleen J Graves is the author of two current bodies of work that interpret interactions of humans with technology. The series called ‘Bot Dialectics’ are about making Gardens in consultation with Nanobots, who are Futuristic Life Forms. The Bots help direct and value the garden model and the purpose of the garden becomes a nexus of reflection and action. These ‘Bot Dialectics’ are part of the evolving human, to tech, to nature, discussions wherein the Garden is an environment and art form necessary to human survival.

Her other concurrent series ‘Longing For Certain Things’ reflects on the ghosts of medieval within technology. She alters identities and comments on sociological concerns utilizing cyborgs, artificial intelligence and historical references, particularly the European medieval. Referencing medieval customs and visuals, she brings future technologies into the mix imagining what may happen.

Kathleen has recently shown at the Macy Art Gallery at Columbia University, NYC, the Exhibition Space at 221 East 41st St, NYC, Gyungnam Sajin Academy, South Korea, Galerie Califia in the Czech Republic, 80WSE at NYU, NYC, Locks Gallery in Philadelphia, ‘BFI Screenings’ in London, the Gallery Space at Wagner, NYU, NYC, Frida Arte Galleria d’arte Contemporanea in Bari, Italy, a website specific work at nobelprize.no, the International Center of Photography in NYC, the International Digital Art Exhibition and Colloquium in Havana, Cuba and at NYIT in NYC.

Kathleen is a practicing artist at Gravus Print Studios on Long Island, in 2012. She was an Artist In Residence at ArtMill in July, 2012 in the countryside of the Czech Republic. She is an Assistant Professor of Art and the Director of the Advanced Digital Print Studio at New York University from 2005 – 2012.

Kathleen J

Kathleen J

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